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sporkfaggot-deactivated20140417 asked:

Hello :) I am very curious about trying DMT, I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to have a good experience, and possibly give me information on the trip and substance itself. Thank you for your time! :D

Hey there, I have a few experience reports that you can read so that you will know what to expect with DMT. 

Here is my experience with a 25i-NBOMe and 6-APB combo with DMT added on the peak

My 2nd, 3rd, and 4th experiences with DMT

For a good experience it’s important to avoid combustion of the DMT, as most of the compound will be destroyed. I recommend vaporization of the compound (lightbulb vape works well) or infusing it into B. caapi leaf to reduce direct heat exposure and also add a bit of MAOI to enhance the experience. 

I would recommend a tranquil and secluded setting for the experience. It is best consumed outdoors in my experience. The environment should be completely silent. I recommend preparing beforehand by meditating or reading one of your favorite literary works. I would recommend doing it alone as it can be awkward to smoke DMT around other people who don’t quite understand what it’s all about.

The smoke will be very harsh, so be prepared. Try to consume as much smoke/vapor at once and hold it in for as long as possible. Once the compound is inhaled, you have about 1 minute until you enter hyperspace.

If you wish to avoid the harsh smoke, you can make pharmahuasca by consuming an monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) beforehand. Doing so will make the DMT active orally, as it will prevent your body from breaking down the compound as quickly. I wouldn’t recommend this method of consumption for an inexperienced user though. 

Here is a comparison between DMT and psilacetin (4-AcO-DMT)

I thought about this for some time and I’ll give it a shot, it certainly is a difficult question. Psilacetin has a very warm and comfortable body feel. The high is stoning, which puts me in a woozy, dreamlike state. Despite this, the high is also very energetic. On psilacetin, I feel the as though I am a child again, learning about the world for the first time. It makes me want to explore and discover something new. It fills me with wonder and awe, and makes me appreciate my humanity. The experience has a wonderful come up, steady plateau, and a long lasting afterglow. The afterglow period permits ample time to process what occurred, and and allows for integration. I feel as though psilacetin is superior in this aspect.

DMT, on the other hand, is very sedating when I vaporize it. Immediately after inhaling the vapor my muscles completely relax and I lose control of them and lay down. The body buzz is jarring and feels like powerful vibrations radiating throughout your body. Audible buzzing begins and becomes quite loud, it usually sounds mechanical in nature. In contrast to psilacetin, the DMT body load is less warm and “human.” It is more synthetic in nature. I had one experience where the fabric of reality tore back and I could see gears and oil pumps working. These machines kept the illusion of reality running, and then my human being became an organic/synthetic hybrid. The afterglow has has a feeling quite like psilacetin for about one hour after, but the experiences themselves are very distinct. 

The experience of smoking DMT is shocking and quite violent when vaporized. The afterglow lasts about 30 mins to and hour, which gives you some time to process, but I don’t always feel as though that is adequate for the integration of the experience. DMT throws a lot of psychedelica at you, and doesn’t allow you to make much sense of it. Psilacetin feels as though it’s guiding you along the way, actively aiding integration of the psychedelic experience.

DMT visuals usually have much more complex geometry. Psilacetin usually makes objects appear as though they are melting. Not as much complex geometry or fractals are present in the psilacetin experience compared to DMT. The two substances have roughly the same level of color enhancement. 

I hope that aids you on your journey, if you have any more questions feel free to ask :)


Anonymous asked:

you are gross. do you have any brain cells left from the wide range of gross research chemicals from China you so flippantly take? Do you think about anything besides drugs? Do have any friends for that matter? Any friends whose lives don't revolve around drug taking that is?

you are gross.

Thanks for your opinion?

do you have any brain cells left from the wide range of gross research chemicals from China you so flippantly take?

I think you have a very poor understanding of how drugs impact the body. I also do not carelessly put psychoactive drugs into my body. Why are research chemicals gross? What properties make a chemical compound gross?

Do you think about anything besides drugs?

Yes, I have a pretty busy life between school, work, and various hobbies that I have. My life does not consist solely of drug use. This blog is entitled “Committed Psychonaut” which mainly focuses on psychoactive drug use and compounds (surprise!). Could you think of a better, more fitting name? I’d love to hear your input, you sound like a remarkably intelligent individual.

Do have any friends for that matter?

Yes? What does this have to do with me destroying brain cells and carelessly taking drugs? 

Any friends whose lives don’t revolve around drug taking that is?

Yes? I have many friends who are psychonauts and many who are not. A friendship based on drug use is also not a true friendship, it is merely using people to get you desire. A life which revolves around taking drugs is pathetic. You may be surprised to learn that drugs can be used responsibly to improve one’s life, not avoid hardship. Not all people use drugs for escapism, a concept which you clearly fail to understand.

I really don’t understand the point you are trying to make. You just appear to to be trying to belittle me by lashing out in any way possible. You try to paint me as a sad and pathetic person who is addicted to drugs. In the process, you reveal your shallow intellect and conservative mindset. The way I choose to live my life is my business, who are you to judge me? I don’t harm anyone with my actions. 


Anonymous asked:

Do racetams build tolerance/ lead to downregulation of some kind?

I have noticed long acting tolerance from using piracetam/aniracetam/noopept. A break over the summer did not seem to lower my tolerance by much. When I first began experimenting, I achieved strong effects with 1g of piracetam. Now 2-3g is only a mild feeling. It is certainly possible that downregulation of the positive allosteric modulating effect that racetams induce on AMPA occurs, although I have not read any literature on the topic.


Anonymous asked:

Hey buddy, I like that you're getting information out there on a very important subject like psychopharmacology, but keep it down about the "newer" drugs like the nbome series as some governments/police-forces are unaware of it and I'd like to keep it like that ^_^

Spreading accurate information to help people use drugs responsibly will not lead to legislation being enacted. The lack of information about these substances will lead to more overdoses and deaths, making legislation a priority. These substances are not “underground,” the DEA is very up to date on the RC scene. They know much more than you think they do.

Kratom, racetams, and stimulants


dude I only take piracetam choline and alcar and after almost 2 years it just feels normal. does noopept and dexmethylphenidate really make a huge difference? piracetam wouldn’t even make me focused for school after a while. and kratom for study?

Racetam tolerance is really quite a pain, I try to save it for only when I need it most. I have quite a bit of a tolerance to positive allosteric modulators of AMPA. This tolerance also effects my use of Modafinil, as it also acts on AMPA. Four to five grams of piracetam is my usual dosage these days. When I started, I only needed 1-2 grams to obtain strong effects. AMPA tolerance seems to build slowly and takes forever to diminish in my experience. I also believe that my high tolerance to AMPA PAMs has greatly effected dissociatives for me. Last time I used MXE I plugged 60mg and only achieved moderate effects (I had zero tolerance to NMDA antagonists at the time). 

Noopept is much stronger than piracetam. Wikipedia states that it is ~1000x more potent, although I question that number. It is much more focused and stimulating than piracetam. I find that it is much better for task completion and focus than piracetam, which I find better for creativity. Dexmethylphenidate is a decent stimulant, I much prefer 2-fluoromethamphetamine though. I alternate between 2-FMA and DexMPH to attempt to keep tolerance a bit lower. I also would not want to use 2-FMA often/daily as it does have an effect on serotonin, and depletion would have an adverse effect on memory, mood, and motivation after prolonged use.

As far as kratom for studying, I only use more stimulating varieties which supposedly contain less mitragynine and have more upper end alkaloids. Using a small amount in conjunction with stimulants helps smooth out jittery tweaked out feeling and also helps me eat which is a huge benefit. Maintaining proper nutrition on stimulants is crucial. Kratom at a low dose has anxiolytic effects and helps me get motivated to complete a task. Maeng Da is especially stimulating and very focused, I do not find that it impairs cognition when used in this fashion. Higher doses of any strain will just be sedating, and that would be counter productive. 


I still have a few questions in my inbox that I haven’t answered yet. I’d rather not rush a response to a detailed question, so I would like some time to compose a solid response. If I haven’t gotten to it yet I’m very sorry for the delay. I promise I will answer all inquiries after finals are over so that I can adequately address your questions. 

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