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Noopept Day 1

I have just taken 15mg of Noopept sublingually. Solution is pure ethanol at a concentration of 450mg Noopept/3ml. Effects were noticeable in ~10 minutes. I cam currently very alert and stimulated, although quite comfortable. Also consumed 500mg choline, multivitamin, and one cup of coffee (est 80mg caffeine). 

- Moderate color enhancement

- Stimulating edge

- Clear headed

- I just completed a visually oriented neuroscience testing battery and completed the test in under 20 minutes. It was originally designed to take approximately an hour to an hour and a half.

Update at 11:30 I consumed approximately 7.5 mg sublingually bringing me to a total of 22.5 mg. Very impressed so far.

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  1. lightweaves said: can you show me this test?
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